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Our First Half Term

October was a month of highs and lows, more accurately lows followed by highs. Lu’s first term at nursery seemed to come around much too slowly for us. She spent most of October overtired and in really bad form. Needless…


How To Save £884 on Baby Gear

Luisa will be two in May so it’s fair to say I’ve seen my fair share of ‘baby gear’. As a parent, every day is a school day and I still feel utterly unqualified but I have learnt a thing…


Musings on Trump & Hope in 2016

So today America chose Donald Trump as her next president. Personally I view this as one of the greatest tragedies of my lifetime but I respect that others will feel differently. Honestly I suppose after Brexit (shudders) we shouldn’t have…


Why I’ve Got No Time For #DadGoals

I know this might sound bitter & someone is bound to take it the wrong way and bash me for being a horrible feminist (the irony) But. I have no time for #DadGoals. Men do not deserve or need praise…