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Luisa Isla Rose – Now You Are One

Now you are one. At first you were a tiny spark of a baby, now you’re a wonderful joyful storm. There’s no part of my life that you haven’t transformed simply by being. Over the last 365 days I’ve spent at least 14…


Luisa’s 9 & 10 Month Update

I know everyone says this but time really is getting away from me. Luisa’s first birthday is not far away and she’s changing so much everyday, here’s her 9/10 month update. If you’d like to look back at her 8…


Autumn / Winter Babystyle 2015

  Now that it’s getting colder Luisa is needing to wear more layers, that coupled with the fact that she’s growing at a rate of knots is as good a reason as any for some shopping!  I love looking at…