Autism and Fame

Todays post comes from Alice of Living with a Jude. As well as being a mum to three Alice is a talented and inspiring writer. The main focus of her blog is life with her son Jude, she often discusses…

moving house with a toddler - books to help
Luisa, Parenting

Tips for Moving with A Toddler

Well folks it’s almost December which marks a year living back in Belfast. We moved home from Edinburgh when Luisa was about 6 months old to be closer to family and have a lower cost of living.     This…


Why I’ve Got No Time For #DadGoals

I know this might sound bitter & someone is bound to take it the wrong way and bash me for being a horrible feminist (the irony) But. I have no time for #DadGoals. Men do not deserve or need praise…


Outdoor Summer Fun – No Football Please

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you’ll know that the news is currently being dominated by two things: Brexit and balls. I have to admit I’m not at all interested in ‘the beautiful game’. None of my summer plans…


The Pill: Your 4 Most Common Questions Answered

The combined contraceptive pill is a popular method of contraception, but there are lots of myths and uncertainties out there surrounding this form of birth control. If you’re keen to get the facts when it comes to this contraceptive option,…