Goodbye ‘Three’, Hello ‘Four’

I can hardly believe I have a four year old, despite that fact that she tells everyone we meet that she is so totally a big girl now because she is FOUR. ‘Three’ was an absolute blast, harder that two…

Luisa, Parenting

Easy Early Years Activities at Home

As if January isn’t enough of a drag already parents of three and four year olds need to apply for places in primary school. With that first foray into the world of formal education looming on the horizon we’ve been…


Luisa at Three Years and Six Months

I haven’t posted one of these little updates for a few months, shame on me! Luisa is 3.5 going on 35, she’s funny, imaginative and full of life. Today I thought I’d share some of her news and photos from…


What Do You Really Need For Nursery?

If you know me at all, you know I get myself in a bit of a flap when I’m nervous or stressed. It’s all part of the process, I don’t really want help or to be ‘unflapped’ just let me…


Luisa at Three Years, Three Months

I don’t know if it’s all the sun and fresh air but Lu must have grown a good two inches in August. Her legs are so long and although she’s still smaller than her peers she looks so lean and…


Luisa at Three Years, Two Months

Writing these little monthly updates has got my head in a spin, I love sharing the funny little incidents and changes with you as much as I enjoy reading back over them. In fact I’m loving it so much I…