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Getting This Mama Summer Ready

Summer is coming and I am ready to embrace the warmer day and longer nights. I feel like Spring is a great motivator and this year I’m trying to switch up my beauty ‘regime’ a little.     I’m willing…

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In Search of my Mama Style

Hands up who spends half the morning staring at the pile of clothes on the floor, wandering aimlessly to the clean ones in a mound in the kitchen and then half heartedly poking the dirty mountain for good measure? I…

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Sunny side up – Life lately

I thought I’d update you all on a few bits of news I have, nothing earth shaking just a few new ventures and the like. When I started this blog it was just a place for me to natter on…

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The 5 Things Body Confidence Challenge

I was tagged by the beautiful Eilidh from Mummy & Monkeys to take part in the ‘5 Things Body Confidence Challenge’ You can have a read of Eilidh’s post here. The idea behind this body confidence challenge is that you find…