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Wearable Festival Style from Fashion World

Festival season is in full swing worldwide and I’m loving seeing all the trends filter from the fields to the highstreet. Whether you’re actually heading to a festival yourself or enjoying the plethora of Instagram stories I think you’ll agree…

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Fashion & Style

My Adult Acne Story

I’ve had ‘bad skin’ or Acne for the longest time, probably about 13 years now. It started when I was a teenager and at first I expected it to be a short lived problem, just another hormonal trial! After probably…

Fashion & Style

The Best Winter Boots for Busy Mums

There’s no getting away from it, the cold weather has come and it’s here to stay. I’m actually a fan of bright, cold days and love getting my winter clothes out of the wardrobe. Cosy jumpers, oversized scarves and of…