As spring season is approaching many of us have been impatient to get out of our homes and have a long relaxing trip with our families. We all need a pleasant break with our family, hence we try to make sure we are geared up with every possible check to make the journey enjoyable and halt free.

The article will highlight important checks that you should go through before taking your vehicle out on the road to experience a pleasant journey.



Look at Engine Oil

First and foremost thing is to check the engine oil. You need to see whether the oil is fresh enough to effectively lubricate the engine parts or not. You can easily check this by the dipstick , it will show you the quality of the oil as well as the oil level whether it needs refilling or not. In case you think your oil has deteriorated and requires a change you can immediately refill it with good quality oil that will be fresh enough to make your engine run efficiently in the long run too.


MOT Certificate should be up to date

Half of the vehicle problems are solved once you have cleared the MOT test or are MOT proof car. Since MOT, take a check of the major component part and make sure that your car is abiding by all environment standards.  MOT ensures that your vehicle is safe enough to be driven around the UK whether you are alone or with family. Therefore , if you think your car has been recently MOT certified then you are good to go. However if your car has crossed three years of age from the date of purchase and is still not MOT proof , you should immediately book it for a MOT check, if this is not done on time you will have to face hefty fines if caught driving without a proper MOT certificate.If you are looking to renew your MOT certificate in London or nearby you can consult Iverson Tyres.



Look at the Tyres

As a motorist you need to know that tyres play a significant role when it comes to effective car performance on road. For that we need to make sure that few things are on point, like tyre tread depth, tyre pressure and deterioration. Firstly you need to make sure that the tread depth of the tyres up-to appropriate level that should be between 1.6mm to 3mm, depending on how much tyre grip you require. For a good tyre grip tread depth above 2mm is suggested. Next, looking at the pressure before leaving for a long trip is very important as in case your tyres are not up-to proper pressure levels, they might get flatten and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere with your family.


Ticking all the above mentioned checklists before leaving for a trip will help you and your family experience a pleasant driving trip.