Parents are expected to do their absolute best when it comes to their children and we often put their needs before our own. However, it’s important for parents to make time for themselves and recognise that self-care is great for your children as well as you. 


Why Self-Care Is Important 

Looking after yourself as a parent is one of the most important things you can do because you have such a responsibility for bringing up your children. Parent are often led to feeling guilty. They tend to blame themselves for responding wrongly to their children and torture themselves worrying that they could have done it better.



Being a parent is never easy, and children have their own path that they will follow, this is often very different from what you imagine. 

So, let’s have a look at some of the ways you can include self-care as part of your routine as a parent: 



Nurture Yourself

It’s important for you to still do the things you did that you enjoyed before having children. Once in a while, cook the food that you like, and not just what you know the children like. Visit old friends, go out, spend time with your partner, do exercise, try new things to improve your health like trying premium CBD oil, have a bubble bath, go on a cycle. This is by no means selfish, enjoying yourself helps you to replenish your energy and you can put that towards your children. 



Get Outdoors 

Try to get outside every day, take younger kids to the park, go for a swim, or go to baby classes etc. This can help prevent you from going stir crazy in your home, and it helps to break up the day. Regardless of the age of your children, a blast of daily fresh air will give you physical and mental health benefits.



Encourage Chores

You can start from an early age with chores, even if it’s just putting their shoes away or empty packets in the bin. Then, as they grew, they will already know that they need to chip in. This way you don’t fall into the trap of serving your children all the time. 



Remember It’s OK To Say NO 

Parents are often worried about saying no too often when raising children, however, you need to remember that time and resources are often limited when you have children. If someone asks you to do something that you might not have time for respond by saying things like’ I need to have a think about it’ or ‘I can’t on this occasion’ but never feel guilty about it. It’s better to be clear from the get-go that you may not be able to commit to something. 



It’s Still OK To Say Yes 

If people offer to cook, do you some shopping, or to babysit, it’s vital that you remember that you are allowed to say yes. There is no shame in asking for help every now and again. When someone offers help they mean it and it’s certainly not doing you or your family any favours to try and do absolutely everything yourself. 


These are just five of the ways that you can look after yourself as a busy parent. Is there anything that you make time for or any advice you could share with other parents? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.