We were recently asked to review a fabulous Horse Stable Playset from the Schleich Farm World range. The stable comes in a large and rather exciting looking box which is very easy to open – always a bonus when you’ve got small people waiting impatiently!

The instruction manual was full of large pictures – quite similar to lego instructions – so I think it would be easy for children aged 6+ to follow without help. Luisa was really keen to get involved but far too excited to be sensible so I gave her the job of sorting all the animals and gathering the tiny pieces whilst I put the stable together. You don’t need any tools but a fair bit of force is required to make the roof and walls click in to place properly. The whole build process didn’t take us more that 15 minutes although I think it felt longer to Lu!



The stable includes seven different animals, 2 stables, farmers Paul and Laura and lots of accessories. I really appreciate the attention to detail, the sliding windows, proper stable doors and little surprises like a mouse hole make the stable a really enchanting play set.

Luisa loves taking care of the horses as well as playing at running the farm. She uses the hoist to lift feed up to the hayloft and along the rollers, down the chute again. I was a little bit worried that she’d find it tricky and force it but the mechanism is really smooth and we’ve had no issues.



I love the feed indicator, we’ve been using it in our play to talk about time, routine and food groups. Luisa is a natural leader and loves taking on a management role – she can even apply that to playing farm and scheduling horses meals… trust me.

The horse stable comes with two sets of stickers (clever) some of which have suggested placement and some are freeform. I thought that was a lovely touch as each child has their own ideas, I also appreciated that the horses aren’t named – giving even more freedom. So far Lu can’t quite make up her mind about what to call the horses so we haven’t labelled their stalls just yet.



There are so many fun features and lots of ways to extend the play which I think makes the stable a lovely gift. The play set has really captured her imagination and she’s played with it daily since. Last weekend we used some artificial grass from an easter craft set to make a paddock sitting alongside the stable and yesterday I found Lu arranging a rescue mission when Paul was stuck in a snowstorm. I can see her playing with the stable in evolving ways for years and I expect we’ll add to the set with other items from the Farm World collection.