Despite the funny weather, living in the UK really is a dream, to live in a place so small compared to other countries but so diverse and with so many different things to do really is wonderful. The UK is so good in fact that you really don’t need to go anywhere else when it comes to going on holiday, there is so much to explore in the UK and so many different types of holiday you can have, take a look at this list to get some ideas of amazing British holidays for you and all of your family. 



Relax In The Countryside

One of the best things about this country is the fresh air, and if you go for a countryside holiday, the kids can have endless amounts of grass to play on; you can visit some animals, go for long walks, and enjoy cosy country pubs. There is a number of places you could head to all over our beautiful country, but if you’re stuck for ideas then have a look at the Lake District, beautiful Scotland, Yorkshire, Derbyshire or Devon and you’ll find some wonderful scenery and amazing places to stay too. Have a look on Airbnb and rent yourself a beautiful country cottage where you can spend the evenings playing board games with the whole family and the days enjoying the outdoors and taking in the fresh air, the best of what the UK has to offer. You can do activities such as horse riding, nature trails and quad biking.


Get Some Sun, Sea And Sand

Britain has a number of fantastic beaches and if you get good weather as well then even better. Not only is the beach a fun place to go every day for free, but our seaside towns usually come with classic piers, arcades, funfairs, donkey rides and plenty of ice cream. Book yourself a caravan for the week or pitch up your tent at a Holiday Park like Butlins or The Haven and have a week of classic, British seaside fun. At one of these parks you’ll also benefit from evening entertainment and daytime activities, which is great if you need a bit of a rest from the kids, they’ll always be entertained.



Travel Around

You don’t have to stay in one place either, travelling around this beautiful country could change things up a bit. A touring caravan or motorhome is a great way to do this and so much fun for the kids too. If there are a few places you want to go, then plan a route, look up some sites of places to stay and off you go. If you’re new to this type of holiday, then it’s a good idea to get some beginners tips for caravanning before you head off or have a couple of practices by going away for weekends before you go off on a big holiday.


Explore City Life

The UK is so rich in history and culture that a holiday break exploring a city will give you plenty to do. You can easily fill up a week or two visiting a city such as Edinburgh or London visiting the museums, castles, tourist attractions and historic sites. Not only is it a lot of fun, but you and the kids will a lot too. All the British cities are full of restaurants, wonderful shops and theatres too, a city holiday has something for everyone. If it gets a little exhausting too (which it can), then a spa day at your hotel or a day at one of the city’s fabulous parks is also an option.



Have Fun At A Theme Park

Many of the fantastic theme parks in the UK also come with hotels to stay in too. Check out the Alton Towers Resort, the Drayton Manor Hotel, Thorpe Park Resort, Chessington World Of Adventures Resort, to name a few. These resorts aren’t just normal hotels either, but they are themed hotels which offer a unique experience alone, nevermind with the added attraction of having a theme park for a garden. Alton Towers has Splash Landings hotel with themed rooms such as the Ice Age Rooms, colourful beach hut rooms, and pirate-themed hotel rooms. The hotel also features a Waterpark too. Thorpe Park has the Thorpe Shark Hotel, and at Drayton Manor, you can stay in a magical Thomas & Friends themed room. Each of these theme parks caters for all the family, so if you’ve got both big and little kids, you can’t go wrong.