Yes, yes – I know it’s almost the end of January (hurrah) but I still haven’t written an awful lot about our Christmas. So here I am, late as ever, sharing some of the best bits from the Christmas period.



We made our own cards and actually remembered to post most of them! To be totally honest next year we’ll be hand delivering as the cost of postage made my eyes water. The cute metallic pens were a gift from Stabilo (thanks again guys)



We visited Santa at Dobbies garden centre – breakfast with the man himself was really magical, we’ll definitely be booking to go back next year. If there was a craft fair or Christmas event within 5 miles, we hit it up. There was no limit to our festive appetite!


Then came Christmas itself, it was BUSY. We visited so many different friends and family, Luisa was bouncing off the walls and despite how it may look, we hardly took any photos.



There were dogs, lots of dogs.

And parks.

And cosy days in.

And big walks.

And more dogs.



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