We all know that making time for yourself in motherhood is super important. A happy mum means happy kids and you should never feel guilty for making some me-time. It can be hard to fit time in for yourself with the business of life and that mum guilt but trust me when I say you’ll feel SO much better for it. Taking some time to recharge your batteries – even in small ways will help you remember who you are outside of motherhood. Here’s some ideas to kickstart your ‘me time’ plans…

Find a Mum Friend

Finding another mum with similar aged children is such a blessing. You’ll naturally have quite a bit in common and you can always talk about the children while the ice is still thawing! With any luck you can take it in turns to have the kids, giving each other some much-needed me-time. This is also a great way for your kids to socialise and make new friends too. You can also take it in turns to host sleepovers, with the children upstairs watching movies and playing games and adults downstairs having some much-needed grown-up conversation.


Plan Activities You Both Enjoy

Who says you can’t have me-time with your children? If you are planning a family day out, why not choose something you’d love to do too, meaning you can have as much fun as the kids and do something for yourself at the same time. This could be anything from an activity day to a day at the aquarium. You could also use this as an opportunity to sneak away if your partner is going with you. Choosing a cinema day trip is the perfect excuse to go watch that movie you’ve been dying to see whilst your partner and kids go watch something else.

Make Early Bedtimes a Priority

Children should have more sleep than adults and a 6:30/7 PM bedtime for a youngster is perfectly acceptable. Every mum does things differently, but if you aren’t getting any time for yourself, you shouldn’t feel guilty about making bedtime early. This could be an opportunity for your child to watch an episode of their favourite program before bed or to read a chapter of their book. Children need to learn to play independently too. Early bedtimes benefit the family as a whole and there is a range of benefits to an early bedtime routine.



Treat Yourself to Your Favourite Food and Drinks

Whether you do this on your own, with your partner or with a friend, plan a night of your favourite things when the kids are in bed. This is completely down to you, whether it be ordering from the best Indian in town or hosting your very own wine tasting. If you love buying fine wine, Octavian allow you to mature and keep your wine in their premium vaults until you are ready to taste it. They provide you with photographic records of your collection, so you can keep an eye on it whilst it’s locked away. There is no better feeling than putting the kids to bed, cracking open a bottle of finely matured wine, and savouring each mouthful with some great food and good company.

Fitting in time as a mum is difficult, especially if you are a first-time mum. Parenting is hard work and should be rewarded with your favourite things, so next time you get a chance at some me-time, grab it with both hands.