As a family we’ve been talking a lot about the changes we can make to lead a more eco friendly lifestyle. There’s a lot of different behaviours that can have a really positive impact on your environmental footprint. Things like recycling, avoiding single use plastics, eating less or no meat.

If you’re looking for more ideas there’s an absolute wealth of information online – some of my favourite places to read about living a more eco friendly lifestyle as a family are The Green Parent and Mamalina.



But what about making more permanent physical changes to your living space as well as changes to your habits? Here are seven permanent changes you can make to your home to help your family live a more conscious and eco friendly life.


  1. Eliminate drafts by resealing windows and doors or adding thick curtains. Better insulation will save you money and use less fuel.
  2. Plant herbs. Of course you could grow a lot of produce from home in theory but when time, skill and space are limited herbs are a great place to start. You’ll save money, reduce on packaging and emissions from commercial production and all that greenery will improve the air quality in your home.
  3. Add a thermostat to your radiators – thermostatic radiator valves are a really simple way to make your heating system more eco friendly. They allow each radiator to turn itself on an off in response to the temperature of the room. Visit Trade Radiators to find out more about how a TRV could reduce your energy consumption.
  4. Using rugs on wooden or tile floors can reduce your energy consumption by 4-6% according to Good To Be Home plus its a fab way to make your space cosier and more stylish!
  5. Switch your bulbs to energy saving lightbulbs. Replacing ten can save you £70 a year in electricity. Source LED lights also last for up to 25 years, when you compare that to the 2 years the average halogen bulb lasts that’s a significant reduction in waste!
  6. Collect rainwater in the garden to use for plants, pets or cleaning outside. All you need to get started is a big bucket of box but you can buy a water butt complete with tap and filter.
  7. Insulate your loft/attic space using natural or recycled materials where possible. The cost will be recouped in 2/3 years in savings on heating costs.


Do you think you could make any of these changes to your home? I feel like they’re all very practical and low cost – there is a bit of outlay for insulation but otherwise they’re pretty achievable for the average family.