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6 ways to make your living room more cosy this winter

It may be winter outside, but that doesn’t mean it has to be winter temperature inside. The Christmas tree is up, the fire is on and your coffee table is playing host to an ever-shrinking box of Quality Street. However, making your living room cosy over winter doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Read on for our six top tips on making your living room cosy this winter…



Texture, texture, texture…

Oh yes, it’s all about the texture. Well, not all about the texture, but it does play an important role in the cosiness of your living room. A thick rug thrown in front of a crackling fire can really set the scene for a winter night in.

You can add to this simply by placing a soft sheepskin throw over your sofa and you can feel snug as a bug while you curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and every Christmas film (good and bad) Netflix has to offer. If you go for a white theme with your rugs and throws, you could effortlessly add a snow effect to your winter wonderland of a living room.

Candles and fairy lights…

Candles and fairly lights are very on-trend bits of decor at the minute, and rightly so. They provide a certain ambience that no other light does really, and a few candles laid out nicely can make your living room cosy this winter with minimal effort.

There are the more expensive ranges of candles, where the colours and scents get increasingly intriguing – but, if it’s just the winter ambience you’re after, look no further than your local supermarket.

Fairy lights are also a modern trend and can add a similar sort of ambience to your living room. These are also often inexpensive and can be found on the high street and online.


Summer is long gone. Give those thin curtains to Maria von Trap and invest in a pair of thick, long curtains in a colour matching your choice of scheme. Not only are thick blackout curtains a great choice for simple decor, they also hold the heat in wonderfully well due to their thickness.



Bring the outside in…

In a tip that sort of joins with our textures tip, think about outdoor materials (such as wood) and think about what sort of decorative accessories made from such materials you could use to ramp up the cosiness. Even something as simple as a potted plant could help you on your quest here.

Think about space…

Space in your living room can be a big factor in how nice your living room turns out this winter. Have a go at switching your sofa with your arm chair, moving a rug or moving things closer together. You could be surprised.

Fire up the fireplace…

Nothing quite says winter cosiness like warmth, and lighting up the fireplace in your room could be the ultimate finishing touch when you want to have a pleasant night in.

However, with a home’s heat often lost through the roof, your home-heating efforts could be undermined if you don’t have new insulation installed, such as by roofers in Newcastle upon Tyne.



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