If your child has recently been showing an interest in playing cricket, it could be to their benefit – and, therefore, your peace of mind – if you encourage that interest. There are, of course, many different sports from which a child can choose – and those sports often have common benefits.

However, cricket has developed a reputation as a particularly child-friendly sport. This can largely be attributed to its wholesome image and flexibility, as the following points help to illustrate…



Your child could hone a wide range of skills

Though the high profile of football could easily tempt many kids to take it up as a pastime, cricket actually demands a greater amount of mental dexterity. Sportbox says that cricket can prove especially effective in helping your child to develop their social and analytical skills.

Cricket is also multi-faceted in how it is played – with batting, fielding and bowling all examples of activities which come into play in the same game.

Cricket is family-friendly

With some sports, football a good example, you rarely seem too far from a headline that sheds light on a participant’s despicable behaviour and gives the sport as a whole a bad name.

However, this doesn’t so much apply with cricket, which has long attracted renown for the etiquette and sportsmanship seen in the sport’s players. In cricket, discipline is somewhat strict, while bad behaviour and foul language are discouraged, giving kids a pleasant atmosphere in which to play.

Cricket is well-suited to short attention spans

You probably don’t need to be reminded of how fickle children can be in their preferences. However, these days, there are so many different formats of cricket that your child’s interest in the sport could often spark back into life just as it appears to start wavering.

The traditional format is 11-a-side, but the 20-over format is apt for relatively impatient players, while Kwik-Cricket has been spectacular in encouraging many schoolchildren to take up cricket.



The sport can improve your child’s handling of adversity

In sport, failure is as inevitable as success… as, indeed, it is in life in general. This sheds light on why, if your child forms a habit of playing cricket, they can soon learn the right way to react to failure.

As the adage goes, true success is not about never falling, but instead rising every time you fall. Cricket can effectively instil this message in the mind of your child.

In his book The 100-Yard Classroom, football coach Kevin Kush has enthused in words quoted by HuffPost: “The greatest gift of sports to its participants is the opportunity to learn how to overcome adversity in a safe and controlled environment.”

You could find exciting local opportunities for your child

As you peruse the local avenues through which your child could develop their cricket-playing ability, you could react with pleasant surprise. In County Durham, young people can join the Under 18, 15, 13 or 11 level of a Junior Club to play cricket at Chester le Street Cricket Club.