If you’ve been on Instagram at all in the last 2-4 months you’ll notice that almost everyone has been caught up in a cleaning frenzy. I have friends who swear by The Organised Mum Method, others who are Mrs Hinch fanatics and a tonne who’ve followed Little Miss Mops for a long time. Regardless of which ‘camp’ you’re in I won’t be surprised if this renewed enthusiasm for housework has touched your life somehow.

I can’t lie and say my house is now sparkling as a result of all this influencing… but it is a LOT cleaner and more organised than this time last year. I’ve even got my own ‘Dave’ the duster, something I never thought I’d say!

Even Matt, originally a sceptic has been drawn in. He was never really in any need of ‘help’ in the housework department as he’s really very good but we’ve both become more motivated to so more than just maintenance cleaning. Whatever you opinion on it all I’m feeling pretty good in my slightly nicer home environment.


I recently had an email from¬†Sloane and Sons Tub Chairs¬†telling me they had put together some interested research about just how dirty our homes really can be. My first thought was, ‘tell me about it!’ as I looked around my dishevelled kitchen but as I read on I was shocked!

Did you know that chopping boards can have over 200 times that amount of germs than toilet seats? Gross, I can confirm I have practically boiled one of mine since reading that and decided to replace the other which is really very old.

Another thing I’ve done since reading this is disinfected all our toothbrushes and moved them inside the bathroom cabinet. I don’t know why we didn’t keep them there before but it just didn’t occur to me how unhygienic it was to leave them on the sink… close to the toilet. *shudders*



Devotees of Mrs Hinch will be pleased to know that by regularly cleaning your sink and disinfecting the cloths you use around the kitchen you’re protecting your family from microbes and pathogens that would otherwise be lurking.

To be honest my skin in crawling again just thinking about all of these germs! I’m going to have another look over the infographic with Matt and see if there’s some other changes we could make. We definitely need to stop putting off getting a new bin – the foot pedal on ours has been broken for a long time.

What are your top tips for keeping your home clean and safe for your family? Clearly I need all the advice I can get.