Towards the end of the summer Luisa was starting to notice the leaves on the trees changing (yep, so early!) and proudly declared that she knew why. ‘Autumn is coming Mem!’ she cried. She’s been really excited for all the fun of the season as she’s old enough to remember the fun we had around Halloween last year. Now that she’s in nursery each morning I thought it’d be a fun idea to make a list of some activities we can do this Autumn, so that we can both really appreciate the time we do have together and enjoy more simple fun.



I made this list of 30 things we can do to celebrate the season, most of them are free or low cost. I also decided to make a little craft by writing each activity on a lollypop sticks, they’re colour coded so Luisa knows the sparkly ones are extra special treats. The sparkly ones (in bold below) are activities that cost a bit more money or are further from home so we’ll do at the weekend when Matt is around.


  1. Collect pinecones and make an Autumn wreath for the door
  2. Make bird-feeders
  3. Go for a walk in the park to collect Autumn treasures (twigs, conkers, leaves)
  4. Set up a sensory activity like this Autumn dig with our treasures
  5. Bake apple and cinnamon loaf
  6. Forage for blackberries
  7. Make natural scented playdough
  8. Make soup
  9. Visit the farm
  10. Carve pumpkins
  11. Jump in leaves
  12. Make hot chocolate jars for our family and friends
  13. Have a movie night
  14. Make autumn leaf sun-catchers
  15. Make invitations for a Halloween party
  16. Decorate the house for Halloween
  17. Visit a corn maze
  18. Make spooky cookies
  19. Visit the library and borrow books about Autumn
  20. Splash in muddy puddles
  21. Do the Gruffalo trail
  22. Bake apple pie
  23. Make some leaf rubbings
  24. Make spooky orange slime
  25. Visit a pumpkin patch
  26. Toast marshmallows
  27. Donate cosy clothes that are too small
  28. See a matinee at the cinema
  29. Go to the museum to see Dippy!
  30. Make a half term journal with photos of our adventures

Have you done any of these activities so far this Autumn? I’d love to hear about your simple adventures