This time next week is the first of October, three months until Christmas. On one hand that seems like a long time. But on the other, it’ll be here before you know it. I personally think that October is the perfect time to start getting ready for Christmas. I’m someone who enjoys the preparation element, it’s all part of the fun for me! Plus I feel like getting organised in advance makes for a much less stressful experience.
Here’s some ideas of things you can do in October to make December more fun and relaxed.

Cleaning and organisation.

I think October is the perfect time to give The Organised Mum ‘Boot Camp’ a go, it takes one week to whip your house into shape then you can begin the standard method – 30 minutes a day for a clean and tidy house. Yes please!

Declutter the kids rooms.

Sort your children’s clothes and toys, you can donate or sell everything they’ve grown out of and make a list of anything they’ll need for the winter. You could even swap some toys or last year’s festive outfits with friends to save you all some money this Christmas.

Christmas card photos.

Whether you send physical or digital cards it’s super sweet to make them with a family photo, or include one inside. October is the perfect time to get out and take your Christmas photo. The sky is blue, the air is crisp, there are conkers to collect afterwards…

Check out local events and festive workshops.

Lots of these book up early – especially popular ones like wreath making. Speaking of, if you’re partial to handmade Christmas decor or gifts start collecting the bits and pieces you’ll need now.

Get the calendar out.

Chat to your family and figure out who’s hosting the various parties of the season. While you’re at it why not see if your siblings would like to take part in Secret Santa, forgot presents all together in favour of a day out or set a limit for spending on each others children? After all Christmas is meant to be about having fun with friends and family not going broke.

Before we all become caught up in the hurly-burly of the season, take some time to think about your favourite things about Christmas . Is it wrapping a book advent or baking with the kids? Catching up with old friends? Lounging on the sofa with the best Christmas films?

Personally I live for the decorations!! I can’t wait to get our tree out of the attic and transform the house into a winter wonderland. I’ve been looking at getting some new lighting from Cox & Cox – I’m torn between the classic look of the snowball garland or making a statement with the big stars. Whatever it is you love about Christmas make these things the priority, a little bit of planning now and December is yours for the taking!