*Guest post*

When you travel what do you pack? Clothes, shoes, toiletries, gadgets and travel documents are the basic things one packs up well. What about envelopes? Why would you carry quality brown envelopes with you when you travel?



Postcard Sending Made Easy

Keep brown envelopes handy to send back postcards to your loved ones back home. While people merely upload pictures on Instagram to show the world where they are, a postcard is a nostalgic touch that can brighten up someone’s day. Your children, parents or partner, missing out on the journey, will surely receive the postcard with a smile.

Hide Your Money

In many places, it is smart to carry your money in different places. To avoid being stuck without money in an unknown place, split your cash into multiple brown envelopes. Store these envelopes in different places. Keep an envelope in your backpack. Keep an envelope in your luggage. Keep an envelope in your camera bag. Keep an envelope in your pocket. This way even if the worst happens, you will have some money stored away somewhere. I often do this when I bring currency abroad, I feel safer with it split up and it helps me to budget better.

Be Polite When Tipping

When you are leaving your hotel, instead of handing money to your concierge give them their tip in an envelope. Write down a short message addressed to your server on an envelope and put the tip inside. This allows you to be polite and spread some positivity. Even if your tip is not a big one, the effort you put into putting the tip in an envelope and addressing it to your server will be appreciated. I also think when you’re at a hotel this helps it to get to the right person, incase you don’t see them at checkout. Carry quality brown envelopes so that you can tip politely.



Easy Gift Wrap

On your travels, you might meet new people. When you want to give something to your new friends you cannot just hand them the memento in a carrier bag. Carry quality brown envelopes to have something to wrap gifts in. You do not need to gift something big to your new friends. Handwrite a note, get a small gift, pack it in the envelope, write your recipient’s name on it and spread more smiles.

Store Small Souvenirs

When you buy souvenirs on your travels, there are high chances of you misplacing them. Small souvenirs can get lost if kept in your luggage. You do not need to increase your baggage weight by putting small souvenirs in carrier bags. Store the souvenirs in envelopes, write what the envelope is supposed to contain and put them in any corner of your luggage. It also makes unpacking a lot easier if you know whos’ gift is where!

Store and Sort Medicines

You might need to buy medication when you travel. Your need for medication does not mean that you need to carry a whole pharmacy with you. Just take buy medication to last you the trip and a few extra days. If you are carrying pills, put them in envelopes and write the name of the medicine that is inside the envelope.

Envelopes take up very little space and can help you sort small items while you travel. So, make sure you carry a few envelopes with you when you travel.