Luisa gets her preschool immunisations this week and i’m really not looking forward to it. When she was younger I found the whole process really straight forward, of course there were tears but it was all forgotten in a few moments. Now that she’s that much older, wiser and sassier I fear it’ll be more of an ordeal for us all.

I asked some blogging friends for their tops tips when taking older toddlers / preschoolers for immunisations and they had some great advice so I thought I’d share with you too.

  • Explain what’s going on in a way they can understand and be honest. There is no point in saying it won’t hurt because it probably will but you can tell them that it will be over very quickly and that it will make them big and strong.
  • Have them sit on your knee and chat to them whilst it’s going on, distraction is key.
  • Bring their favourite soft toy.
  • Plan a fun treat for afterwards as a reward for being so brave.
  • Don’t tell them about it too far in advance or let them hear you talking about how worried you are.
  • Stay calm and greet the Dr/Nurse with a smile, children will pick up on any tension.
  • Try role play at home before hand, play nurse with their teddies and use that as an opportunity to set the scene.
  • Plan for quiet time at home afterwards.
  • Always watch Dr Ranj! He makes everything feel better and there’s a special episode on vaccinations.



Thanks to all the lovely bloggers who shared their advice . I’ll be using ALL these tips when Lu goes for her appointment this week, if you’ve got any more I’d love to hear them too!


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