Luisas two favourite things are art and animals. Every morning she rushes downstairs to greet her real life pet dog ‘Best Friend Cali’ (just Cali to you and I) before having breakfast and commencing her daily ritual of cutting, sticking and colouring for most of the morning.

About 8 weeks ago I had an email from PetPlan asking if Luisa would be keen to design her dream pet and have it made into a soft toy. I knew she’d be totally on board so we grabbed the supplies right away and with a little coaxing and help from me Monty the spider was born. I asked Luisa to think about a very special and funny pet, which is how we landed on a spider. I have to admit I was a little surprised as Luisa can be a bit wary of insects, I expected her to pick something more cutesy like a bunny or a horse but she insisted – a spider was the pet for us.

Bearing in mind that Luisa is only three I did help out with the lines so that the person making Monty a reality would know where to begin. That said, all the ideas and actual colouring was her own work.¬†She explained he was a friendly spider with blue eyes, “blue eyes like me”, and red legs. Adding polka dots was the final flourish which I think makes Monty look very jolly.


Once our little art session was over I’m sure Luisa didn’t give poor Monty a second thought but her face when a cuddly replica arrived at the door was priceless. She ran from the fridge (where her drawing was taped up) and back again comparing both versions. He’s exactly as I imagined, isn’t it cute how the spots have that childlike scribble vibe?



Monty the friendly spider has slotted into our family nicely. He sleeps down the side of Luisas’ bed, comes to all her tea parties and I’m happy to report his demands are minimal. Unlike our cheeky puppy he doesn’t need regular walks or expensive hypoallergenic food. In fact I thoroughly reccomend owning a pet spider, they’re really no trouble at all.


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