As you know, Matt and I take a lot of photos – it really is our passion and I’m so happy that a love for capturing memories is something we share. Until recently we didn’t really do much with the hundreds of images we’d take a week (yes, really) but now that we’re feeling more settled in our home we’ve started displaying lots around the house. Luisa loves looking at the big collages we have in her room, pointing out all her family members and ‘Baby Luisa with no hair’.

Of course there’s a limit to how many photo frames you can have around the house, even though we got clever with Instagram feed collages we are running out of wall space! Snapfish recently asked me if we’d like to take part in their Foodie Fun campaign, showing how you can incorporate your family photos into the functional items you use in the kitchen. I though this was a fantastic way to fit even more of those precious pixels into our house so of course I said yes!


We decided to create a chopping board alongside a set of placemats and coasters. The process is really straightforward, once you’ve signed up for your free account you can easily sync photos from social media or google photos with the Snapfish site. Once you’ve selected your product and photographs there are a range of predesigned templates to help you get started. When designing our chopping board I opted for one of the Snapfish templates as I simply couldn’t do a better job myself! I love the Eric Carle feel that the foodie illustrations have.

Once you’ve placed your photos in your own layout or added them to a template it’s very easy to add further themed embellishments, text or backgrounds. I used the same foodie embellishments to complement the photographs on the recipe notebook I designed. Finally, to pull the whole thing together, I customised the background of our coasters with the same duck egg blue I’d chosen for the notebook.

We’re really impressed with the quality of all the products we choose, especially the coasters. I just imported some little Instagram photos to create those and they came out really well. The Snapfish site has a clever feature where it lets you know if a photo isn’t high-res enough for your particular design. I’m really looking forward to inviting my family over for a seasonal spread so we can show off our lovely new tableware.

Another little thing I love about Snapfish is that you get 20 free 4×6 prints just for registering. Then, if you go on to download the mobile app, you get a further 50 free prints a month! The only cost to you is delivery.

If you want to see the full range of Snapfish products, visit the website here, don’t forget to use  code FOODIE40 for a tasty 40% off across the site! There are so many different kind of product available from standard photo prints to mugs, books, cushions, photo albums and even throws. It’s a wonderful place to look for a gift for a friend or family member – especially if you’re comfortable behind the camera and want to create something really special.