There’s nothing I love more than getting away from it all, sometimes that means being swept away in the exciting culture of a European city or even further afield but sometimes it’s nice to keep it simple. As a child I went on countless camping trips and made so many amazing memories with my brothers. We thrived in the fresh and freedom so I’m really glad that camping is something I can now enjoy with Luisa.

This year we’re working with Millets as part of their Outdoor Explorer team. They’ve kindly sent us a new tent so we can be even more comfortable on our trips and share what we get up to with you. Over the Father’s Day weekend we had our first camp of the season, we’re also heading to the south of Ireland very soon and a festival in August so stay tuned for tips and mishaps!



I’ll be the first to admit there are challenges that come with camping, especially with small people in tow. There may be more insects that you’d like, the weather won’t always be on your side but the good times make up for it all. Much like parenting in general actually…

Here are my top five reasons why your family should give camping a chance:

  1. There’s no wifi in the woods. Not strictly true but there certainly doesn’t have to be wifi in the woods. Camping is the perfect opportunity to unplug a little and give the tech a rest.
  2. Time moves slower. Without the distractions of the doorbell, work, TV, errands and other everyday pressures you have SO much time to chill and enjoy the little things. Like looking for ladybirds, riding bikes, finding shapes in clouds… cracking open a ‘gin in a tin’.
  3. It’s really good value for money. Most of the campsites we’ve researched for upcoming trips charge around £15 a night for a pitch, this is a lot cheaper than self catering or a hotel break!
  4. Camping is a team sport. From pitching the tent, to collecting firewood or choosing which way to turn on a trail – every member of your family can contribute to a decision or lend a hand physically. It doesn’t matter how small or slow they are, adjust the pace and work together.
  5. Fresh air is exhausting, in a good way. After a day of running around and exploring with very few boundaries or rules your children will sleep like logs.


If you’ve never been much of a camper I hope some of these reasons have made you reconsider. Be sure to check out my Instagram over the summer for more tips on how to make camping with kids fun and easy.