Whenever you’re an exhausted parent it can be super hard to make time for yourself let alone your relationship. I know Matt & I are guilty of slumping in front of the TV in silence far too often! Luisa is three now so she is starting to spend longer periods of time with family, allowing Matt and I some alone time. We’re both big fans of the cinema and live music so if we do get a babysitter it’s usually for a new movie or a gig. Over the summer we’re trying to ‘train’ Lu to have sleepovers with our parents so this opens a whole new world of possibilities for date night! Here are some of the ideas I’m looking forward to putting into action.



  1. Relive our youth with a pub quiz. Hopefully there’s a Bing Bunny category…
  2. Sign up to a class – we both love cooking and there are a lot of local restaurants who run short courses for couples.
  3. Take our own photowalk around the city at dusk.
  4. “We hired a bouncy castle last summer and it was amazing. Invited friends with kids, they all played on the castle while we sat and socialised as adults.” – Susanne, Ghostwriter Mummy
  5. Grocery shopping. Alone. Heaven.
  6. “Phones off, music on, board games out! Its so nice to have a ‘tech free’ evening every once in a while. Even better if you can find another couple to get together with, and if you’ve got kids a similar age chuck them all in another room with a film, their sleeping bags and some popcorn to keep them busy whilst you play games!” – Lauren, Scrapbook Blog
  7. Watch some local comedy.
  8. Really treat ourselves to a proper break with a bargain hotel deal from Groupon.
  9. Go bowling – I can’t remember the last time I went and I do love to let my competitive streak out.
  10. Invite friends round for a tapas night (cheese, wine, more wine)
  11. Go for a massage or to a beginners yoga class ready to relax into the best nights sleep ever.
  12. Afternoon tea – clearly not a date night¬†activity but certainly something we’re looking forward to doing without a toddler in tow.
  13. Head to a bar with a killer beer garden and people watch.


If you’re looking for date night ideas that don’t involve leaving the house Layla has some great ones here¬†including my personal favourite idea – of a ‘themed night’. I also love these suggestions from Lara and will definitely organise my own at home wine tasting soon!

What kind of things do you do when you need some quality time with your partner? I can’t wait to put some more of these into practice – especially when we convince Lu to go for sleepovers. For a witty look at the reality of date nights for parents check out this post from Lucy.