Many homes are bought and sold in Swindon every single year, and that reflects its status as one of the wider Wiltshire region’s favourite places to live. However, even in a clearly buoyant environment such as this one, selling your home is no walk in the park. There are all sorts of factors to take into consideration when it comes to moving a home off the market for a good price: you may need to think about changing the décor, for example, or you might have to time the sale correctly to take advantage of a market movement. Here are some top tips for making sure that your home in Swindon sells for the right price.



Structure and safety

The number one question that many prospective buyers of your property will ask themselves is: “Is this property one that I would feel safe living in?” To that end, it is wise to ensure that you take into account as many safety flash points as possible before listing your home on the market – such as the structural soundness of the building, the durability of the roof, and the state of the electrical wiring.


Decoration and aesthetic

Once the key safety issues have been addressed, it is a good idea to think about whether or not your home has updated and tasteful décor. It doesn’t have to be ultra-modern, though for many homes, this is the standard: if you have an old property located in a conservation area such as Swindon Railway Village, it is fine to keep some old-fashioned furnishings and decorations such as heavy wooden front doors and exposed beams, provided that they are safe and secure.


It is also important to make sure that any décor and furnishings that will sell along with your home are durable, as this is something that’s likely to be noted on any pre-sale reports that go out to potential buyers. To achieve this aim, you could install durable window dressings or other sturdy décor items such as new hardwood door frames. If you are an interior design fanatic, then you have probably already got all of this covered – but if like many people, it doesn’t come naturally to you, then you might need to consider hiring a professional to help you out.




It may be frustrating, but often the best way to ensure a smooth sale is to time it correctly. Selling your property during a time of economic turbulence may not be the best idea, as people can sometimes decide to stay put during these spells – leading to a drop in demand. That said, you may get lucky – so provided that you aren’t paying large ongoing estate agent fees, it may be worth just riding it out in the hope that your property shifts as soon as possible.


If you are selling a home in Swindon, there are lots of tips and tricks that you can use to make sure that you get it shifted as soon as possible. From raising the value through the décor to being strategic about your timings, there are lots of ways that you can expedite the sale’s completion and allow yourself to move on to your next property.