It’s no secret that Matt & I are huge film fans, we have an unreasonable BluRay collection and normally average 2 new films a week – who needs to sleep right? Whilst we are united in our love of film, our views on interiors do clash a bit. Matt would love to have tonnes of huge cinema style movie posters in chunky frames but I prefer things to be a bit more subtle. Now, I’m not saying I strive for minimalism or that i’m not a fan of having a bit of personality in your home. I love when you visit a friend and see little pieces around their home that give you information about them – their likes, hobbies, travels.

Over the years Matt & I have learnt to compromise and find a middle ground with home decor and have incorporated lots of our hobbies in more subtle ways. For example, I love minimalist movie posters. I think they look really stylish and I like the fact that you could mistake them for ‘just’ a piece of art if you don’t know the film it’s referencing. Buying something like this is also pretty handy if your favourite films aren’t family friendly! If these aren’t to your taste another lovely way to bring the cinema home is to make your own artwork using quotes from your favourite films or to buy vintage style prints.

As our BluRay collection was getting a little out of control we recently set a new ‘rule’ – if it’s not special edition, don’t buy it! We have some floating shelves in the corner which we keep collectible BluRays on, alongside some comics and Jurassic Park toys from the 90s. Matt is so lucky his Dad kept them in the attic all these years!

There are so many different film & tv collectibles that allow you to sneak a little more of your biggest obsessions into your home, without making it overpowering. Our trio of movie shelves are home to a couple of Pop Vinyl figures from the Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy and Disney universes.



Something else I’d like to do is get some movie related cushion covers, there’s so many different ones out there for fans of all genres, plus it’s a reasonably cheap and quick way to update your living room.

Have you found a way to sneak your passions into your home decor? We’re updating our bedroom next and I want to go for a travel theme there so i’d love to hear your ideas!