This week we’ve been turning the box room into a useable space, it’s still midway between a dumping ground and an amazing dressing room but we’re getting there. I’ve got a big 4×2 Kallax unit which I use to store most of my clothes right now. The top two cubes are going to be for makeup and jewellery so I need some clever storage solutions to get the most from that space and keep all my essentials accessible. My project for this week is to sort through everything and purchase some clever makeup and jewellery storage solutions – maybe i’ll even vlog it so you can have a proper nosy at all my stuff!


jewellery storage makeup palette


I’m quite drawn to the super popular clear acrylic storage because it seems like a good way to keep most of your things visible and easy to find. The only thing I worry about is whether or not they get grubby easily. I’ve seen these for sale everywhere from Poundland to Amazon so i’m sure you know what I’m talking about!

At the minute I have my makeup brushes in various plant pots and glass jars, obviously, this works well for me so I’ll stick with it going forward.

Something I’m going to keep in mind is having the essentials to hand. I’m going to keep my everyday makeup in a pouch at the front of one of the cubbies. This means I can grab it if I need to do my makeup in the car or throw it in my bag easily if we’re going away for the weekend.


jewellery storage makeup brushes in pot on vanity


I also thought it might be an idea to hang a shoe organiser up on the back of the door – the pouches would be great for hair products, hot tools and brushes. It would also keep them out of the way of Luisa who seems to have a compulsion to take my hairbrushes into her own room at the moment! It’s not fancy but it will be an upgrade on the big plastic box they’re in right now.


jewellery storage ring on trinket dish


When it comes to jewellery I have nowhere near as much as I used to. I’ve thrown out or donated so many bits over the past few years – mainly because it was just gathering dust. With a young baby I found it hard to wear the necklaces and earrings I liked on a regular basis and now that I can again my tastes have changed.

I’ve set aside a nice big soft makeup pouch for ‘costume’ jewellery storage you know, the cheap stuff that doesn’t get tangled up easily. So far I haven’t got a good solution for earrings, I love hoops but it frustrates me when the get mixed up. I absolutely love this marble and rose gold set for earrings and long necklaces so that’s firmly on the wish list!

I really love the little trinket dish in the photo above, I think something similar would be perfect for my watch. Of course when you’re thinking about storing precious jewellery like heirloom pieces or diamond rings¬†you want somewhere super safe. I’m on a mission to find a ring box that fits three or four rings inside as I don’t need a huge one and I’d rather not stack the boxes than came with each individual ring. If you’ve seen something like that please let me know!

Sot here you have it, my plans for finally finishing off the box room and creating a special place for my treasures. If you’d like to see a video on the process of organising my makeup and jewellery storage and the end result just shout.