We all could do with a bit of extra cash in our pockets. But for most people, having to think about saving money is either boring or incredibly daunting. I used to think this way but now things have changed—I’ve become more aware of how much I’m spending. I guess this is all part of “adulting!”

If you’re looking for ways to save around the house, there are several money-saving tips you can follow, including a few that are often overlooked. Not only will you save a bit of money, there are also a few additional benefits to each one…



Reduce food waste

If you find that you end up throwing a lot of spoiled food away, it could be time to develop smarter eating habits. There are so many ways that food is being wasted. For example, if you let fresh food go bad, prepare too much food in one sitting, or simply buy too much at the supermarket, then the chances of wasted food are high.

The best way to reduce food waste is to plan your meals. Plan out the meals you’ll have for the week and make a list of items you need to buy. The most important thing about meal plans is that you force yourself to stick to your schedule. If you pull it off, you’ll reduce those impulse buys, eat healthier, and avoid wasting food.


Slightly adjust your thermostat

Your energy bills probably make up a large part of your monthly expenses. Heating is probably a big culprit, especially with the prolonged period of frigid weather we’ve been having. But this is exactly why properly setting your thermostat is so important. You need to make sure that your heating system fires up exactly and only when you need it to, and to the temperature that you are perfectly comfortable with.

One trick to lower your energy bills is to gradually lower the temperature by a few degrees. Keep doing so until you reach the temperature where you are not too cold and just comfortable. Even dropping 1 degree could reduce your bill by 10% and save you up to £55 a year!



Boost your energy efficiency

Also related to your heating is to make sure your house is well-insulated. Properly sealing your home means you won’t have to crank up your boiler as much and you’ll lower your heating running costs significantly. This includes not only installing sufficient insulation in your walls, but also in your loft. The loft, although it is a prime place for heat to escape, is often overlooked. Insulating your loft, in particular, could save you £200 off your heating bill every year.

Take a look at your windows and make sure they are in good condition. If the frames are broken or you notice condensation in the window panes, then it’s time for a repair or replacement, depending on the condition. Having windows that are completely sealed off will not only save you money during the next winter but will provide plenty of noise protection and privacy for you and your family.


Offload your stuff

Chances are you’ve probably heard about the numerous benefits of getting rid of the stuff you don’t need, or decluttering. Clearing out the things you don’t regularly use will help reduce your stress, keep your house tidy and looking great, and save you time from looking or cleaning. Well, decluttering also helps save you a great deal of money too in a few unexpected ways!

Items that you don’t need but are still valuable could be sold, either online or at a car boot sale. You’ll be able to let go of some things that are costing you like magazine subscriptions. It’ll be easier to find things again—often when you can’t find something you need in all the mess, you’re tempted to just buy a new one again. And finally, after you complete your decluttering project, you’ll have a better understanding of what you really need and reassess your spending in the future.

When looking for ways to trim down your expenses, make sure to take these overlooked areas into consideration. If you have any other money saving tips, do share!