I’ve mentioned that we rent our home a few times and so we’re not too keen to spend a lot of money updating it. At the same time, we want to enjoy living here so we have made some changes – with our landlords permission of course! One of the first things we did was put up some extra shelves and pictures to make the house our own. We also painted the bedrooms and got some area rugs to make it more cosy and soften the space – there’s laminate flooring in most rooms.

It might not seem like it but the summer is fast approaching and we want to make sure we get the most out of our garden this year. We’re really lucky to have a large back garden as well as a space down the side of the house. I’m really looking forward to having some good weather so we can throw open the patio doors to let Luisa and Cali roam free. Last year we made a few improvements, adding gates at the top of a small set of steps which separate the patio are from the grass. This doesn’t stop the dog bounding around by any means but it means Luisa can’t charge up and down without stopping to make sure she’s got an even footing.



This year we’d love to make some more changes like adding trellis for some climbing plants the dog can’t savage! My Grandad was an amazing gardener, seriously he could grow anything. You know those ‘dead’ plants supermarkets flog off for 50p? He could buy the lot and bring more than half of them back to life in no time at all. Anyway, I have really fond memories of playing in his garden as a child with the heady scent of sweet pea filling my nose. I’d love to have some scrambling up a fan trellis near the kitchen window.

Let’s face it though, I’m no Alan Titchmarsh and we’ve got a toddler and a dog to deal with so I don’t have time to be tending flowerbeds. We need our garden to be low maintenance, fun and as portable as possible – so we can take most of it with us when we move. Luisa would absolutely love a playhouse┬áto have little adventures in with all her dolls and, of course, her ‘bestfriendCali’. Selfishly, I’d love her to have one too – so we can spend more time at home this summer and less trekking to the park!



Another good way to bring some no strings colour into your garden is to use planters or hanging baskets to grow some flowers and herbs. We have the makings of a little herb garden in pots in the kitchen, waiting to be planted out when we can be confident the snow is gone for the year. I’m hoping to addd some strawberry plants to the mix and let Luisa experience the joy of growing your own.


If you also rent I’d love to find out the different ways you’ve made your garden your own without making huge structural commitments or taking on a landscaping project – let me know in the comments!