As a new mother, you’re taking on the biggest step-up in responsibility in your life so far. The demands of a new baby can be all-consuming, and in your worries about getting it right, it’s easy to neglect your own health. I think it’s something women especially are too quick to do, put themselves to the bottom of the pile. Birth is a huge physical ordeal that often brings plenty of complications, and recovering from this can be a slower process than you may have expected –  especially at a time when you’re getting very limited sleep and may not be eating properly. So, how can you support yourself properly and avoid new mum burnout? Here are some ways to try and keep yourself healthy and your energy levels up – no triple venti macchiato required!



Limit Blue Light Exposure

Tempting as it may seem to catch up on your social media feeds when you’re up with the baby at 3am, try your hardest to limit the amount of screen time you’re having. The blue light emitted by tablets and phones supresses the production of melatonin, the hormone that signals the body it’s time to sleep. So when you do get a chance for some shut-eye, you may find it frustratingly difficult to actually drop off. Practice good ‘sleep hygiene’, so you’re ready to sleep when you get the chance. The guide here will help you optimise your environment for a more restful night.


Listen To Your Body

When you’re busier than you’ve ever been and focusing on the needs of your new arrival, listening to the signals that your own body gives you can sometimes take a back seat. But those little signs that something isn’t quite right can be symptoms of problems that will get worse if not addressed. Ongoing back and pelvic pain can be an issue after delivery, so follow up any persistent troubles with health professional. Constant headaches can be very debilitating and may have many possible causes, so find out more information at



Balance Your Sleep Debt

Gone are the days of not being able to function on less than eight hours- sleep disturbance is an inescapable feature of new parenthood. The lack of sleep undermines your general health at a time when your body is recovering. Chip away at the sleep debt by grabbing naps whenever you can. Even 10 minutes will work towards the overall balance of your health. Prioritising napping over housework and other ‘important’ chores – they can definitely wait. This article has tips on making the most of your naps.


Pick Protein Packed Meals

Making the right meal choices is extremely hard when you have a newborn. Timings can be tricky, and you can find yourself reaching for high-carb convenience foods and processed things just to keep you going. But stepping away from the biscuits and toast in favour of a protein hit will do your body a massive favour. If you ignore your hunger or feed your body with carbs, you’ll experience an energy burnout and your body may go into starvation mode. Try instead to find a mix of protein and fibre is a winner for keeping energy levels has some brilliant ideas.