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Five Essentials for Newborn Twins

Having twins is one of those things I think everyone kind of daydreams about. ‘Wouldn’t it be lovely?’ You muse… ‘Two tiny dolls to play with. Friends for life’. Since becoming friends with Beth of Twinderelmo I’ve certainly had my eyes opened to the reality of life with twins. Spoiler alert; it’s loud, tiring, messy and wonderful. Today she’s kindly shared her 5 essential items and bits of advice for anyone expecting twins.


Car seat bases

This is always something I instantly recommend for anyone having twins. For me, this was an absolute necessity. Charlie started school when my girls were under three months old, which meant getting in and out the car at least 4 times a day in all weathers. For my sanity, I cannot imagine not being able to just clip them I and off we went.


Car seat compatible pram

Likewise, if you an get a pram that you can clip the car seats onto for short trips then DO! It meant I could pop to the supermarket (usually for nappies!) and I didn’t need to faff setting up the pram seats and disturbing them by prising them of their car seats for grabbing a few bits. It really made getting out the house less daunting.


Lots of nappies and wipes.

I know I am stating the obvious here, But I can’t recommend building up a good stockpile as you do not want to play nappy roulette with twins. You go through SO many nappies it’s untrue so if you’re using disposables, stock up when there are baby events as I can guarantee you will use them.




Don’t buy two of EVERYTHING. It’s easy to assume you will need double everything, but we found a lot was surplus. My husband works away during the week, so I could physically only bathe one baby at a time so we didn’t need two bath seats, oh and unless you live in a mansion you definitely don’t need two jumperoos!



I know it may not be readily available to everyone, but if someone offers? Take it. A baby is hard work, like really hard so having two is just mind boggling. For your own sanity, capitalise on people offering help even if it’s just watching them for ten minutes while you shower or accepting a lasagne from your mate; don’t be a martyr. Twins are so full on and nobody expects a shiny perfect house with two tiny humans to contend with. Never think that identical twins mean identical schedules – no no no!


Having twins has been the hardest yet most amazing thing to happen to our family. It takes a while to sink in but twin life is pretty awesome.


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  1. 23rd February 2018 / 11:47 am

    We didnt have twins, but did have “Irish Twins” – they are now 17 & 18.
    My only piece of practicality is on buggies, we went for the model where one seat is in front of the other.
    Bitterness suggest I recommend against that. Hair Pulling by the rear passenger of the front passenger results in almighty rows with tears snot and clumps of hair missing.
    Side-by-Side is best !!!

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