It always feels good to be able to give someone a special gift. The only problem is that sometimes it can be difficult to work out what to buy. Occasionally, inspiration just will not come, which is why I decided to pull together this short gift ideas post to get your own ideas flowing.


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Personalised artwork

Taking a favourite photo and having it turned into a canvas print is an excellent idea that works for most types of people. You can find out more about how to do it here. This firm also offers photo phone cases.

Engraved phone cases

If you do not fancy that option, you can buy an engraved phone or tablet case instead. There are some really stunning ones available. Some firms will even allow you to provide the design, which allows you to truly personalise this gift.

If you are planning to give this type of gift, be sure to order it several weeks in advance so you’re not caught out. Most firms need at least two weeks to produce this type of item.


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Plant-related gifts

For someone who loves nature a plant-related present could be perfect. A topiary tree or bush is an excellent idea. Even if the person you are buying for only have a balcony or small backyard this type of gift can still work. Just be sure to buy the type that will continue to grow in a pot. Speaking of which, a stylish and high-quality plant pot or vase can also make a wonderful present.

Handmade gifts

Handmade gifts are usually very beautiful. They are typically made from good quality materials. The people who make them usually take a great deal of pride in what they do, which is part of the reason they look so stunning.

If you are good with your hands or like crafts, you could potentially make something yourself. Even if you are not that experienced, it is still possible to create stunning looking, truly personalised items. There are hundreds of little knick-knacks that you could make even if you are working on a tight budget and only have basic skills. Just click here to be taken to an article where you will see 100 handmade gifts that you could easily make yourself.


Items of jewellery make a great gift for someone you are close to. They certainly look beautiful and are a present that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. You do not necessarily have to buy anything too expensive. Well set semi-precious stones or paste can look every bit as stunning as a diamond does. If the person you are buying for does not usually wear jewellery you could simply buy them a watch instead.


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The gift of a designer handbag, a limited edition scarf or an iconic vintage item of clothing could all be considered beautiful by someone who loves fashion. Of course, these are highly personal presents, so it is wise to keep the receipt.

The above is just a few general suggestions. The idea is that you take them and use them as a jumping off point to find something truly beautiful to give to the ones you love.


Personally when I am lucky enough to get a present it’s ALWAYS the though that counts. If someone has taken the time to really think about something that is just ‘me’ I feel very special and cared for. Whats the best gift you’ve ever received?