Is it just me, or has your kids bedroom floor turned into a sea of toys post Christmas? Between the new additions, the old favourites and the baby bits that really must go Luisas’ room is at capacity!

It seems to me that, frankly she has too much stuff. She certainly has more than I do and that’s no mean feat as I am notoriously bad at throwing things away! I think Christmas has tipped us over the edge in the ‘stuff’ department. It’s not just new toys cluttering up her room; it’s crafts and gifts bags that she’s latched onto as well. So, what can we do? If you want to update your kid’s rooms in a quick and relatively cheap way, then read on for a few hints and tips – hopefully they’ll help you remember what the carpet looks like!



The walls

It wasn’t that long ago that Matts Dad (bless him) painted Lu’s room for her but the walls could do with a little freshen up to be honest. There are a few little holes from picture frames that have been moved and, of course, pen and crayon marks from a particularly artistic afternoon…

Sometimes walls can just look grubby from just general life! So, what can we do? Well, take a look at your skirting boards. Yep. That’s right. The skirting boards. These are what protect your walls from furniture and remote-control cars and goodness knows what else! If yours are looking a little shabby then you can simply purchase some mdf skirting board when renovating a property or in this case, a room and see how it really freshens things up! Or, if you’re unsure of how to install these, then why not re-paint them?

While we’re on the subject of painting, grab yourself a paintbrush, cover the floor and furniture with sheets and get to work. We’re not talking fancy feature walls or incredible paint jobs – you’ll find a room can be transformed with just a lick of new paint.



The clutter

Analyse the problem. How much of these things do your kids actually use? When was the last time they played with that? Are any of these items broken? Does that jigsaw have all its pieces? If your kids are going to make this difficult, and are likely to have sudden attachments to broken toys and things they haven’t touched for six months, then the trick is to be stealthy. The best time to remove items? When they’re out of the room, at school or even asleep – if you’re good at playing ninjas that is! If some items are salvageable, then you could head to a charity shop or even sell them online!

For everything else, look at your storage solutions. A large toy chest or ottoman is ideal for storing things, soft toy hammocks, shelving – the possibilities are endless. We recently got a large Kallax unit for Lu’s room and over the past few days I’ve been sorting her bits and pieces into new boxes, streamlining and donating as I go.



The floor

Once you can see the carpet again, decide what you want to do with it. It may need replacing, but this can be an expensive project. Why not update the room with a little rug? Or when you think you’re ready to change the floor, consider something like laminate, which will last a little longer? We have laminate in Lu’s room and I really like it, we’ve added two rugs to make it a bit homier but I love how practical and easy to clean it is.


Are you planning on refreshing any rooms in your house this month or will you wait until the ‘Spring clean’ bug sets in?