Outdoor Adventures – Beating the January Blues

Boy do I miss Christmas, the anticipation the days out – it was all gone too soon. So far January has been a drag if I’m honest, Luisa is being quite difficult and I think part of that is because she’s missing all the fun of having family around and the infectious joy of Christmas. More likely she’s just picking up on our moods which are mostly exhausted and bored.

That said, we’re trying to nip it in the bud and get out our slump. Last week I was reading about Blue Monday and it got me thinking – we really just need to get a grip of ourselves, get outdoors and start making January special in its own way.



I don’t know about you but wrapping up in cosy layers and getting out in the fresh air really lifts my spirits. Wide open spaces are the perfect place to tire out a spirited toddler and a cocker spaniel in one fell swoop.

We’re very lucky that although we live 15/20 minutes from the city centre we’re almost the same distance from mountains, beaches and forests. Northern Ireland is a very small place and so you really do have wonderful, diverse, scenery on your doorstep.

This past few days we’ve been making getting outside a priority and we’re all feeling better for it.



Luisa recently saw some ‘big boys and girls’ riding their bikes around CS Lewis square whilst on one of her regular coffee dates with my Mum. Of course she declared that she need a bike too, or a skateboard like Daddy, she couldn’t quite decide.

I was planning on getting her a scooter for a her birthday but now I’m thinking why wait? Once she masters we’ll finally be able to pick up the pace on our days out as opposed to continuing to trundle along at toddler speed. She really enjoyed ‘borrowing’ Arlo & Arias scooters when we were in Bluestone last May so I’m sure she’d be super excited to have her very own. Plus, scooting will help her develop more balance and coordination – all good things.

Do you feel like getting outside helps to blow the cobwebs away? I certainly do.

This week Matt is off on Wednesday and we’re off to the coast, hopefully the weather will be on our side and we’ll enjoy some gorgeous views. A large portion of Game of Thrones is filmed on the North Coast of Northern Ireland so expect some insta-spam!





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