How to Create Your Very Own Home Gym

Not everyone enjoys heading to the gym; all those sweaty strangers, the hustle and bustle is similar to that of a shopping centre on busy day and the fitness fanatics flexing their well-earned muscles can be a little off putting too! If you’re like me and really not in peak condition it can be a pretty intimidating place. Also, not everyone can afford a gym membership, so the option of creating your very own home gym, saving cash and not having to worry about childcare is quite appealing.

But where to start?

Firstly, you must make sure that you’re going to benefit from training or exercising alone. Many people go to the gym because they benefit from the social aspect. If they’re in a class they’re much more likely to give 100% if there’s an instructor shouting encouragement at them. With that in mind: let’s get to work!


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The flooring

A hugely important aspect of any gym is the flooring. Remember it’s going to go through a lot! And the flooring must also play a part in protecting your property from damage too, it can also help your gym equipment to last a little longer. Try a reputable firm such as for some flooring inspiration. Most home gyms consist of commercial grade foam flooring, so maybe see what you can find online!



The atmosphere

If the purchasing of gym and sports equipment doesn’t excite you too much, then personalising your gym space certainly will. When you’re creating your home gym, think about what motivates you and fill it with the appropriate paraphernalia. This will help you visualise your goals and in turn help you to achieve them! Tailoring your work-out environment will help get you into the right mindset as soon as you enter your gym space.

Make sure you always have plenty of room in your workout space, preferably away from any expensive electrical items! If your kids are fans of running around the house, then make sure you’re facing the door so there isn’t an accident if you’re swinging a kettlebell around.

If yoga and Pilates are more your style, then opt for creating a serene and tranquil area with lots of natural light. Although always have blinds or voiles in place – unless you want an audience of course!


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The beauty of a home gym is, that you don’t necessarily have to fill it with expensive gym equipment. Many of us live on a budget and you may wish to set up your own home gym to save money on what would be an expensive monthly membership! Did you know that some of the most effective workouts are simple? Always opt to skip the expensive equipment unless you know you’re going to use it. Most people invest in large gym equipment only for them to become expensive ornaments or somewhere to hang their clothes!

As long as you have plenty of space, you can utilise your small collection of kettlebells and hand weights, have a vigorous workout on your exercise ball or just pull out that yoga mat and pull those strengthening poses.

So what do you think? Is a home gym a great way to get into exercise? The fact that it would fit around Luisa and not require a monthly payment definitely appeals to me. I’d have to be careful not to slack off though, maybe I need some virtual workout buddies… who’s game?


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