I hope you all had the most wonderful Christmas. Our was busy and calm, stressful and bliss at the same time. Much like all the other days of the year with a toddler and a hundred other responsibilities to juggle. Matt and I both have quite large families, it was so much fun to have all our siblings flock back to their respective family homes for Christmas and to spend time with all of them.



Luisa was in raptures the whole time, she loved the food the gifts and the attention from all her subjects I mean family, family. Truth be told by the end of it all she was a bit overwhelmed. We quickly realised getting her new toys sorted out and stored appropriately was a must as she couldn’t concentrate on anything, being totally overwhelmed by all the ‘new’ and really a bit grumpy.



I didn’t take many pictures this Christmas, I left that job to Matt and just enjoyed the moment. I think between trying to be vaguely useful to our various hosts and keeping an eye on Luisa I would have ended up not having much fun if i’d obsessed about documenting it all. It has been lovely to feel as though I was really there.



I’m hoping this new little bit of balance we’ve found between participating and documenting means I’ll be able to share more of these family moments on my blog this year. This post is part of Donnas Living Arrows series, which I aim to join in with weekly throughout 2018.