We’ve had a LOT of festive fun these past few weeks, I’ve hardly opened my laptop and it’s been bliss. 2017 was a hard year, actually it’s only been the last week or so I’ve realised just how hard it was. For my whole family, in lots of different ways. Thankfully I can honestly say things are already looking much much better for all of us, going into 2018.



Just before Christmas Matt and I did something a bit spontaneous, we both got our first tattoo. Mine is a lovely little Robin which I picked out as it reminds me of my Gaga. Matt choose a cool set of antlers, a little tribute to bonnie Scotland. It was quick and virtually painless, I can’t wait to get another!



As our tattoo parlour is by the sea we decided to make a day of it and went for lunch, followed by a little bit of Christmas shopping. It was a lovely, quiet but eventful day. I think something a bit wild was what we both needed to be honest. It felt good to be carefree by the sea.


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