Food glorious food! For me it’s one of the highlights of the festive season, the centrepiece to every great gathering and a must in my Christmas stocking. As a result of my er, passion, I love shopping for fellow foodies. Whether you’re a bit of a piggy like me or a budding chef I’ve got a tasty gift idea that’ll be right up your street. Feel free to leave this page open in your families eye-line to make sure you get the moveable feast you deserve this Christmas.



Love Real Food by Kathryn Taylor of Cookie and Kate – this book has been our food bible for the past six months. We’ve tried almost every recipe and each time we are wowed by how something so healthy can feel so indulgent. If you only buy one cookbook this year – make it Love Real Food. One of the things I really like about the recipes is it’s easy to make substitutions – if we can’t get a certain ingredient locally we can still make a very similar dish.

This glass storage jar from Branbantia has a measuring cup as the lid, with portions of popular dried goods worked out for you. Let me tell you when you see how much macaroni one person is supposed to eat you’ll weep. That said I love this range of jars, it makes cooking quick and easy and they look lovely in your kitchen. I’m planning to get some of the stackable range in the January sales.

Spices and seasonings might not seem like much of a Christmas gift but when you love to cook luxury ingredients are always happily received. For me there’s simple no better paprika than La Chinata. It’s smokey, sweet and loved my chefs the world over.

Tasty nuts and soft fruits are a store cupboard stable. Whether you’re using them in recipes or for ‘trying to be good’ New Year snacking they’re an essential for me. I really like the Crazy Jack brand because their products are organic and affordable.

A quality set of digital scales are a must if you like to bake – they make it so easy to be accurate and clean and store easily. Everyone who knows their way around a cake tin needs a set of these.

Again, this might seem like a bit of a naff Christmas present but the OXO Good Grips peeler is simply the best you’ll ever have. In fact, you can’t go wrong with their kitchen tools, i’d be chuffed to open any of them on Christmas Day.

My brother got me this avocado oil for Christmas last year and it’s the best salad dressing i’ve ever had. With a subtle hint of lemon and none of the harshness I dislike about olive oil I couldn’t love it more. It’s a little expensive but for me it’s the difference between tolerating and enjoying salads so i’ll be buying myself a new bottle this week.



The Victorinox Santuko Knife is our favourite tool in the kitchen, most of our knives are from the brand and we love them because they’re exceptionally good and very affordable. I appreciate the fact that you can buy most of them individually and so build a set that suits you.

You might think a can of tomatoes is better off in your shopping basket than your stocking but, again, I think a really luxury version of something you’d normally buy is a great gift – especially for someone with a hobby like cooking. Tarantella tomatoes are our favourite tomatoes as the flavour is super deep and they make the best base for a good bolognese.

This Branbantia storage jar is similar to the one featured about but it’s plastic so it’s a good bit more durable. It’s also lighter so I keep this style on the upper shelves of our larder as it’s easier to get down safely. The lid helps you to measure portions of different kinds of pastas with upsetting accuracy – a must for the new year when we’re all showing signs of overindulgence. The capacity is 1.3l and it also comes in grey, turquoise and transparent.

These Black Truffle slices are the most decadent little treat, ready and waiting in your cupboard to take any pasta dish from zero to hero this year. I think they’d be a really welcome gift, and come in especially handy when we’re all trying to be a bit frugal in January.

The aptly named ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ barbecue spice rub from Life of Spice has rave reviews and a handful of awards to back them up. We love to barbecue in the summer and use our smoker so a great quality rub like this stops you missing that outdoor cooking so much during a chilly spring.

If you have a cheese fan in your life this camembert baker would make a lovely present, I can see it sitting pretty in a gorgeous hamper. The baker has a lovely french look to it, is dishwasher safe and has a two year guarantee.

Another luxury ingredient that makes a real treat are these saffron sachets. The box contains three sachets of premium grade saffron in a gel form. It’s vegan, 100% natural and has no added colours or preservatives. Each sachet of gel is the equivalent of 1/4 teaspoon and enough for a dish serving four.


Hopefully this was helpful if you’re shopping for a foodie this year, if you do decide to go ahead and try and of these products let me know what you think.