Earlier this month I made a little confession on Instagram stories – last Christmas Matt bought me a gorgeous bullet journal and I still haven’t used it. I had grand plans to kick 2017 off with a functional and fun organisation system but I froze. The first road block was the fact that I went on holiday from December 26th-January 10th. It was a really busy, full on trip so I had no time to start plotting out my ‘spreads’. Once I got back to the UK I had so much to catch up on I didn’t make the time to sit down and get stuck in. And so the excuses continued.



Fast forward to now and I am SO ready, in fact i’m so keen i’ve been considering starting in December as opposed to January. Now if you’re not familiar with the Bullet Journal format this might sound pretty wild. Well, as wild as a mum with a planner gets. The thing is though, the beauty of a Bujo is that it’s whatever you need it to be. My friend Catherine wrote about the purpose and flexibility of a bullet journal and explained it all much better than I could so please do give this a read.

Despite my wobble I’ve decided to wait until January to officially start using my BUJO. OVer the next few weeks I’ll br drafting some spreads. I’m planning to open with the following spreads:

  • ‘key’ which is basically an index
  • Personal contact and medical info
  • My year at a glance, featuring important events and birthdays
  • Goals for the year (I’ll also have a monthly goals spread)



I’d also really like to incorporate habit trackers into my weeklies – I really want to hold myself accountable to a few things like improving my water intake and being more purposeful with my activities for Luisa.

I’m taking a lot of inspiration from Chantals New Year setup for bloggers I love her page for tracking stats and how clean her monthly spreads are. Stacie also shared her 2017 set up here – I love her embellishments and how she separates work, blogging and personal life.



What are your plans to be more organised in 2018? If you’re a BUJO user I’d love to hear your tips on using it and what kind of spreads work best for you.