Do you have a toddler who outsmarts you several times a day? I certainly do! Just this week I was cornered in a negotiation about advent calendars and left throughly stumped. I’m sure she’ll lead a small country one day! Luisa is two and a half, she loves art, animals and imaginative play. Role play is a massive part of how she has fun and learns about the world.

A curious mind needs exceptionally engaging toys and so i’ve put together a modest list of things I know keep a busy little human engaged and entertained long enough for you to gather your thoughts, ready for their next round of questioning.



Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering – this is a brilliant little board book that will teach any grow up a thing or two, never mind a toddler! Luisa really enjoys it and so do I, can’t say much more than that.

A slinky, there’s a million ways to play and it makes a great ‘quiet’ toy for journeys or meals out. Plus it’ll take you right back to your own childhood.

Cuddleroar dinosaur dress up towel – this towel is a winner for me, there’s simply nothing softer on the market and the fun dress up angle makes getting Luisa out of the bath much less of a battle. She often plays with it when we’re upstairs, it’s a great product for an imaginative child.

We got Luisa some of this wooden chopping fruit to go with the kitchen which is her ‘main’ Christmas present this year. She already loves to play tea parties, shops and help in our kitchen so I know she’s going to love this.

I received a sample of Little Brian Paint Sticks in a conference goody bag this year and they are my hero product! I couldn’t reccomend them more highly, they’re easy to use and create very little mess. A perfect stocking filler for a creative little one.

K’nex was something I loved playing with as a child so i’m really excited that they have a new preschool range. Luisa already loves to build things with her Duplo but the big set we have is very chunky – more for a baby than a toddler so she needs something a big more challenging. I think the Kid K’nex is going to give us all hours of fun as we make little creatures and structures. We have the Budding Builders set with over 100 large pieces in bright colours and 50 building ideas as thought starters. I really like the way it suggests what to make but the whole set is totally open to free play and your own interpretation.

I’m reliably informed that Kinetic Sand is the work of the devil and i’ll have hoovered it all up before the New Year. But. I know Luisa will love it so I’m holding out for fun, while it lasts.

This retro crochet camera is actually a rattle and suitable from birth but Luisa loves to play pretend and copy us so I know she’ll absolutely love this. It’s really lifelike, well made and soft plus it’s fair trade. It’d make a great gift for a toddler or a new baby who’s parents love photography.