When it comes to decking the halls are you more boughs of holly or tinsel and twinkly lights? I must be onto my 7th Christmas away from my family home now and I’m starting to find my own festive style.

At first, living in pricy Edinburgh we were all about the discount store decor. A year on we’d picked up some posh bauble sets in the January sales and traded our battery powered lights (yes really) for nice warm white LED sets. Gradually, over the years we’ve built up a little collection, some pieces of our own and some precious hand me downs from family.



I’m really sentimental when it comes to things from my childhood so it’s important to me to use some of the decorations from my grandparents house. In some ways it does make me feel a bit sad to see the boxes and think of all the happy years spending Christmas Day with my Nannie and Gaga but at the same time, I love having a piece of them with me now. Just yesterday I was caught off guard by my Nannies handwriting on a box of glass baubles from Italy, they must be over 40 years old now. I’m not sure if my Gaga picked them up on some great adventure abroad or in a department store but I like to think it was the former.



It’s funny how your taste changes with time too, I used to be dead against tinsel in any form but I quite like it now. We don’t have any on the tree this year as it’s so bushy and full it really doesn’t need it but we’ve made up for it with tinsel wrapped around picture frames and the like. This year I toyed with the idea of having two trees – one traditional and one ‘tacky’. I’d love to track down a tonne of 80s baubles and string gaudy lights around a sparkly tree. It would be glorious and completely over the top. Maybe next year!

I’m really happy with how our home looks this Christmas. Of course there’s a few bits i’d love to tweak but I think we’ve found our style with a pretty traditional look, livened up with a few funny personal pieces and decorations collected on our travels around the world. Most years, usually around mid November I get a niggling feeling and want to start everything from scratch and try a whole new look. Instead of breaking the bank I’ll share my fancies with you.



This super modern petrol slick look from House of Fraser is really different from anything I’ve had before. I think it would look amazing in a lovely minimalist home with lots of whites. Basically, not my house which is permanently overrun with toddler toys! These baubles start from just a few pounds and many are available in sets. Save a little on this collection with a discount voucher for House of Fraser.



Every year I lean more towards the idea of having a super traditional tree with lots of red and old time Christmas motifs. I love this slightly scandi look that can be put together from the traditional Debenhams collection. The little train is a total festive classic and I think it’d look great surrounded by lots of red and white. These traditional colours are a great option for someone starting out too because you can buy a big multipack of baubles and supplement it with more ornate pieces as the years go by, making it a budget friendly and timeless look. I really love the idea of adding a fancy garland in lieu of tinsel, this gold leaf one isn’t cheap but again there are lost of Debenhams discount codes available.

What does your Christmas tree look like? If you could start from scratch would you go for something new and modern or keep it traditional? For more ideas and decor inspiration why not check out my Pinterest board.