*We were sent Flip ‘N’ Tip Fred in exchange for an honest review*

If your toddler doesn’t squish their little face up against the window to watch the bin men, are they even a toddler? Luisa has made firm friends with the lovely folks who take care of our rubbish and loves to guess which colour of bin will be emptied each day. Our bins being collected is certainly one of the high points of the week so when WOW Toys offered us a Flip ‘N’ Tip Fred to review I couldn’t pass that up.


flip 'n' tip fred recycling truck wow toys review front


Flip ‘N’ Tip Fred is a recycling truck with three different bins and two figures. I love the fact that this toy brings up an natural opportunity to teach Luisa that different items belong in different bins and to talk about recycling. It’s funny to think that a few years ago we were only getting used to the idea but by the time she is 10 we’ll probably be reusing and recycling even more materials.


flip 'n' tip fred recycling truck wow toys review side view

flip 'n' tip fred recycling truck wow toys review bins


I love the look and feel of the truck, like all WOW Toys it was designed in Hammersmith and is extremely tough. I love the fact that all of the components are small but chunky so they’re perfect for toddlers to play without them getting frustrated. The mechanism of the wheels and the bucket that lifts the bins is really smooth which also means Lu doesn’t get cross. She loves to use the front bucket to scoop up bins, tip them into the back of the truck and then open the door on the side to get the bins out again. Each of the three recycling bins slots into it’s own section with pictures to match up to help your toddler get them in the right spot.


flip 'n' tip fred recycling truck wow toys review back lever

flip 'n' tip fred recycling truck wow toys review playing overhead


Another thing that I really like about Flip ‘N’ Tip Fred is that there is a male and female character in the set. Don’t worry I’m not climbing up on my soap box here but I do find it refreshing that WOW Toys haven’t stereotyped here. Bravo!


flip 'n' tip fred recycling truck wow toys review female figure


Flip ‘N’ Tip Fred is suitable for kids aged 18 months and up. I think it really grows with your child because they can go from simply driving it, to learning how to operate the bucket with help, to playing independently and chattering away about how and why we recycle. If you have two under three firstly, all the coffee for you. Secondly, this would be a great toy that both kids could enjoy. Luisa really loves the role play aspect and she’s over the moon to have her very own ‘good rubbish truck’ as she likes to call it.

You can buy Flip ‘N’ Tip Fred from Amazon, John Lewis, Argos and many more shops.


flip 'n' tip fred recycling truck wow toys back

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