As I said recently we’ve about to overhaul Luisa’s bedroom with the intention of creating a fun and practical toddler space. The real agenda is to make it somewhere she loves so much she starts sleeping there full time but that’s for another post!

Over the last few days, I’ve been purging baby toys and worn out clothes as well as measuring up and looking for ideas online. I can’t seem to stop flitting between the two main trends – chic monochrome and rainbow bright. Part of me says have really clean light decor and let the toys, art and books do the talking but then I see stunning murals and colour explosions and wonder if I’m heading in the wrong direction.

I did spend some time looking for ideas on Pinterest but I got a bit frustrated with finding so many links going to the wrong places and products not available in the UK so I turned to Instagram. I’m a really visual person anyway and most people tag the shop where they bought various items which is a big help.

Let’s start with the bold, here are some gorgeous bright ideas that have really caught my eye.


One idea i’ve seen cropping up in a lot of interior magazines is statement skirting boards – yes really! Generally skirtings and picture rails are painted to match the walls to give the illusion of more height and space to a room but some people are embracing really bright skirtings to accent the room. How amazing would electric blue or neon pink be!? For a really lovely finish that’s easy to keep clean and touch up should the paint get chipped I’d choose a bullnose skirting board, its simple shape means it won’t gather dust to the same extent as a more ornate skirting board.


And for something more understated, I think these little corners really show that plain doesn’t have to mean boring. No matter what approach we take art work and books on display is one ‘cliche’ I can’t say no to.

One of my favourite rooms in the house #bedroom #phoebewillow #interiors #houseinterior

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Above all, my main aim with Lu’s new room is to have practical storage and lots of space for fun, I don’t want to fill it with pretty things she isn’t allowed to touch so I keep reminding myself to step away from the Β£40 floor cushions and get to Primark!

If you’d like to see what we’re working with here’s a quick video of Lu’s room ‘before’

What sort of bedroom does your toddler have? If you’ve any decorating tips or storage solutions I’d love to hear them.