Baby, We Need Some Space…

Lu, we really need some space. Not metaphorical space, actual space between us. Sweet girl, you need to sleep in your own bed, by yourself, for at least half the night. Please.

One of the main reasons we moved to this new house was to give you a big bedroom all to yourself. A space to sleep and play with room for all your toys and keepsakes. We’ve got tonnes of storage, pretty artwork, books galore and yet you spend next to no time in there.



Don’t get me wrong I love the late night cuddles and the toothy grins in the morning but I am really over the cramp in my arm and creek in my neck. I want to sleep deeply without worrying you’ll fall out of my bed, I don’t want to share the duvet. Baby, we need some space.

So here’s the plan. We’re going to update your room, getting rid of babyish toys and rotating the current offerings. I’m going to frame even more of your photos and artwork. Your gorgeous cot, that you haven’t slept in since you were 18 months old, is being dismantled. It’s being replaced with a ‘big girl bed’ and you’re going to love it. Trust me.



I’ve done a lot of browsing on Pinterest, of course, and I really think Lu would love a Montessori inspired bedroom. One where she can choose her activities at will, without having to ask us to reach things for her. The whole concept really appeals to me – something bright and stimulating yet simple and very safe.

The first step, as I said is going to be an almighty purge. Following that, we want to reevaluate the storage and make sure it’s working for us all. Then the fun can begin, a little more decor, a trip to Ikea and lots of fun activities.


For now, typically, I’m very much focussed on the nice bits. I’ve been browsing Instagram for ideas and window shopping online. We’ve picked up some new artwork like a gorgeous floral ‘L’ we were kindly sent from The Sleepy Pear and some other gems I’ll be sure to show off soon.

Another thing I’m really keen to work on is Lu’s reading nook, we’re super lucky that she has a little alcove her room which we’ve already added bookshelves to. The next step is to hang some little fairy lights and find the perfect kids armchair.


As for the aforementioned ‘big girl bed’, we’re going to have a floor bed of sorts. I haven’t totally decided which one but it will either be this tee-pee inspired bed or something from my spiritual home (Ikea). The other addition is a Sleepyhead grand which I’m really hoping will make the transition from the crook of my arm to her own room a lot smoother!

So that’s my plan! Grasping at straws? Yes, but we’re having fun with it and it will work, won’t it?

This is a collaborative post


  1. 25th July 2017 / 3:31 pm

    I love the teepee bed! So cute. I totally know what you mean. Lena bedshares with me. We tried the toddler bed thing and it feel on its arse. I think around 3 will be the turning point (I hope) and I’m just going to try wait it out until then. Saying that my 5 year old also still bedshares so maybe not! I’m not the best person to give you hope! I bet her room will look lovely, I cant wait to see it.

  2. 28th July 2017 / 8:44 am

    Hannah, you had me nodding at this post for Eco and I have been bedsharing since birth. He also frequently wakes at night to comfort nurse so working on night weaning him. We too are in the process of creating a Montessori Inspired playroom but need to clear the spare room out first. I’ll be following to check your progress.

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