The theme for Julys Bostik Blogger challenge was nature, I decided to kill two birds with one stone (pun intended) and recreate one of my favourite childhood memories with Luisa. When I was small my parents used to make us play-dough all the time. We loved playing with it and I can remember thinking my Mum was just magic the day she produced a bright pink batch.

In keeping with the nature theme, and because I had no food colouring, I decided to try and colour my play-dough with spices from the kitchen cupboard.

The basic ‘recipe’ couldn’t be simpler, I didn’t want to make a huge amount so I combined 8TBSP of flour with 1 of salt, 1 of oil and 1 of paprika. I then slowly added 2.5 TBSP of warm water and mixed until combined. If it’s a little sticky add some more flour. Simple!

I repeated the same steps using turmeric to make a yellow batch as well as the orange one. If you’re keen to add essential oils or food colouring mix those with the water first as opposed to the dry ingredients.



Luisa really enjoyed playing with the dough; pulling it apart, demanding I make impossible sculptures and pressing paper flowers into it. Oh and don’t worry – the amount of paprika and tumeric required to colour the dough isn’t enough to stain your kids skin! Once she’d had a good play we moved on to decorating a box to store our creation in. After all the last thing you want is it drying out or getting grubby.



Luisa’s artistic vision does need some refining but she gets full marks for being uncompromising! It was my intention to totally cover the box with tissue paper first and then add embellishments but she decided against that, going straight for the good stuff. Nevertheless the job was done and she’s happy with the outcome so who am I to judge.



All in our naturally coloured play-dough was a success! I did need a bit of a lie down after enduring 20 minutes of being bossed around by a toddler with a very specific idea of exactly how I should model a car but it was fun regardless. Maybe next time we’ll try some gel food colours instead for a brighter look.