I feel like I grew up in a really special time, where more and more women were getting a seat at the table. Taking on big roles in movies and being seen in the media as more than a mother/wife/girlfriend. Of course, there is still a LONG way to go until we have an equal society, particularly for women of colour. In spite of this, I do feel thankful for the amazing role models I can identify with in the media and think it’s okay to celebrate that, whilst acknowledging that there’s still work to do.



Flowers Direct have commissioned a range of gorgeous illustrations to celebrate some of the most inspirational women of our time. They conducted a survey which revealed that almost half of people say that their mum is the most inspirational woman in their life. Most responses talk about how their mums are unfailing in their support through good and bad times.

The survey also revealed that most people would choose a bouquet of roses to show their gratitude to their Mum – I must pass these finding on to Luisa! If you’d like to show your appreciation to your mum why not grab her a treat fromΒ Flowers Direct.

You can view all of the prints below and find out more about the iconic women featured.


Inspirational women flowers (2)


Of course, it’s not just about the women in the spotlight, anyone can alter the course of your life simply by being their amazing selves. I chatted with a few friends about the women who inspire them, here’s what they had to say:

Beth – Tinderelmo “My Gran. At 84, she is still bright as a button and despite dealing with so much loss in her life, she is the most positive happy go lucky independent women I’ve ever known. I hope I am looking as good and as sharp at 84 as she is.”

Harriet – Toby & Roo “I’d say my mum for her tenacity. Before she became ill with her hip she was the most dedicated person I knew. She just got shit DONE. Always. From DIY to workplace commitments. She’s always been on it.”

Alex – Lamb & Bear “My auntie. At 28 she was diagnosed with arthritis and had a number of other things to deal with. She’s legally disabled. Doesn’t ever stop her living life to the full and she hardly complains.”

Laura – Mama, Eden & Me “I had a teacher who once told me “take the rough with the smooth” and that has stuck with me every single day. It applies in pretty much every situation for me. She said that when I was about 13 and I’ve never forgotten.”

Emma – Even Angels Fall “My mum is my inspiration. She is simply amazing and has been there for me through my first marriage ending, all three of my pregnancies (she was at the births as well) and my depression – she’s incredible”


If I had to catalogue the women who’ve inspired me I’d be here all day. Of course, my own mum, grandmother and aunt are really beyond compare. They’ve all taught me something unique about life and motivate me to be the best version of myself.

Outside of immediate family, I’m really #blessed to work with and for some incredible women. There’s little I admire more than a woman taking a leap of faith and setting up her own business, some of my favourites are linked below.


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