We all want our kids to grow up to be kind confident individuals, right? It might seem a bit over the top but I really think that the best way to shape our childrens view of themselves and the world is to start small, from day one. For me, as a ‘girl mama’, that means being mindful of language, role models and considering what kind of example we’re setting to Luisa.

I’ve written before about feminist books for toddlers and touched on how important I think it is to surround your child with a range of strong characters and bring as much diversity to their little life from an early age.

Much to my delight I’ve found a way to advance my feminist agenda and expose Luisa to one of my favourite film franchises. We recently recieved the new Star Wars Itty Bitty collection and so her glactic education began.



So what makes Star Wars a character building right of passage? Well, in a word, Rey. I love this character, what it’s done for women in action films and how the crafting of Rey has put strong women in the spotlight.

For a FAR more complex and educated read of feminism and the history of Star Wars let me direct you to these articles : ‘In Defense of Princess Leia’ , ‘How Star Wars Made Me a Feminist — Even When the Franchise Was Not’ and ‘Awakening the feminist force in little girls everywhere’



Obviously ALL of the Star Wars films probably aren’t suitable for your average child over the age of 4 but you can bend the rules a bit more for a toddler – one of the few perks let me tell you!

I have to admit it was quite difficult to surrender my new Itty Bitty friends to the rogue toddler, I really wanted to put them safely on a shelf for me to admire. But I relented and they are a firm favourite with her now. I love how all the figures have a cute, childlike look but are still true to their original costumes. They make a fetching nursery accessory for younger babies but they’re perfectly suited to toddlers because they’re just the right size for little hands and are very tactile.

My favourite character in the range is either C3PO or Kylo Ren because I love the attention to detail but Yoda is also unbearably cute. You can purchase the plush toys in Hallmark stores or on Amazon – they’re generally priced at around £6 but you can often pick up two for £10 which I think is good value.




As well as using the Itty Bitty figures to play elabourate games like ‘Han Solo goes for a tea party with Bing Bunny’ (the indignity!) Lu has been celebrating Star Wars month by reading lots of books like the Star Wars : Epic Yarns series and the Jeffrey Brown Darth Vader and… collection which are totally age appropriate but really rather amusing for grown ups too.