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Ah sleep, how I miss you.

I have always been someone who absolutely loves to sleep, long and hard. I’ve never been a morning person and becoming a mum hasn’t changed that at all! Despite being nearly two Luisa has never ever slept for a full night. I think the longest stretch has been 5 hours so it’s fair to say that I’m a little sleep deprived…

Someone else who’s beyond exhausted is my lovely friend Laura who blogs at Life with Baby Kicks. Laura tagged me to take part in the bedtime tag, answering 10 questions about my bedtime routine and sleep habits.



Describe your usual bedtime routine.

Okay so I know this is really bad but honesty is the best policy, right? Typically I first go to bed between 11 and 12, whenever Luisa wakes up. I resettle her which takes from 15-30 minutes and 4 days out of 7 I’ll sneak back downstairs to work. As I type this it’s 01.18 on Wednesday…


What are your favourite pyjamas?

I’m all about comfort in the PJ department, ideally I like a pyjama set with short sleeves as strapped tops mean I’ll have cold shoulders when Matt inevitably steals the duvet. For me pyjamas have to be super soft, I prefer cotton to anything silky. Bonus points if they can pass as loungewear when I spend half the day wearing them…


What is your current bedtime reading?

Another bad habit, I know, but usually I’m on my phone before I doze off. I like to have a scroll through Facebook and check my schedule for the next day. It’s probably not a good idea really but I find it makes me feel calmer knowing what’s ahead of me. I always use my phone in ‘night mode’ after 8pm though, it’s just a setting on my iphone which turns the blue/white display yellow.

I’ve also started using the app Headspace. It’s a mindfullness / meditation app with daily tasks and tracks to listen to. You can tailor the whole thing to support your endeavours to sleep better, work smarter, eat more healthy etc etc. They even have sections for kids. You can use get 10 free sessions using my link – no strings and no kickbacks to me!


What would I find on your bedside table?

We recently did some work on the bedroom anf for about 48hours I had a cute little display going on. I put out some photos and a trinket dish from New York with some sentimental bits in it. These were all quickly replaced with baby wipes, errant crayons and hairties.



What scent makes you sleepy?

I don’t think there is one to be honest. I’m not a fan of lavendar even though I’ve tried to come round to it, it genuinely makes me feel ill. One thing I do like are the febreeze night time mists – we have the Milk & Honey one at the minute.


What is your usual bedtime and wake up time?

Usually I go to bed around 2 am – BAD person – and get up between 8 and 9.


What are your top three bedtime products?

  • I love Aveeno moisturiser and try to use it before bed, even just on my hands.
  • Brushing my hair always makes me feel relaxed, I have a cool Denman tangle reducing brush which is my current favourite.
  • Our Emma mattress means the little sleep I do get is really comfortable.


What is your most common sleeping position?

Imagine you broke a piece of celery in several places, that’s me. I favour the foetal position but settle for whatever fits around Queen Luisa.



Do you have anything you like to take to bed with you?

In an ideal world I’d take myself, exclusively. I dream of a night totally alone, spread out in my bed.


What is your worst bedtime habit?

Not going to be early enough! It’s 01.46 already. Eek.


Well thats a wrap, i’m off to bed… In a bit! haha I’d like to tag some people to take part, their links are below.

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