If you’ve been keeping up with my Bostik Blogger posts you’ll know I started out with the intention of using this experience to do more crafting with Luisa. Our first make were some Valentines cards that weren’t very impressive – Luisa was fully involved and had a lot of fun but i’ll not be getting emails asking to buy them anytime soon! My second post was a floral springtime wreath which I think looks pretty epic but Luisa didn’t have a look in and it left me with a second degree burn.

This month I’ve found a happy medium producing two crafts, one with my toddler and one without. We were assigned the theme ‘birds and flying’ and sent a blind box of goodies to use as a starting point for our creations.


Our first make is a super simple little bird feeder using pipe cleaners and cheerios. I thought this would be a really good fine motor activity for Lu and hopefully we’ll get some cute birds snacking on it for her to watch. She loves spotting birds and still calls them all ‘ducks’ which is very sweet.

All you need to do to make this little treat stick is thread cheerios on to a pipecleaner. I decided to bend the bottom to make a little foot and added a bead to keep the cheerios from slipping round. I’m not sure if any of our feathered friends will perch here but I’m hoping so.



You could simply bend the top of your pipe cleaner round a branch or a hook on your bird table but I decided to add a bit of twine so I could be sure it wouldn’t blow away. Luisa really enjoyed making this and snacking on the cheerios as she went about it.


As I’ve said before I only really want to do simple crafts with Luisa around because it’s just not fair to have her getting frustrated with me fussing that she’s doing it ‘wrong’. Once we’d finsihed making her pipecleaner bird feeder we did some colouring in from a book called Hello Nature. It’s not really aimed at toddlers but that’s why I like it to be honest. There are lots of activities and templates for Lu to scribble on and interesting things for me to read at the same time. I turned to pages that feature birds and we chatted more about how they’d be coming to eat our snacks whilst Luisa scribbled away.



The second bird feeder is also really simple, I’m sure it would be suitable for kids aged about 4 and up to join in with. As long as they have a graps of the word ‘wait’ you’re winning.

This little feeding station was made using 30 lollipop sticks and some twine. The first step is to line up nine sticks to make a square base. Glue four sticks going across the base in the opposite direction to secure it. I shou;d have flipped in over after this to make the ‘inside bottom’ totally flat but oh well!

From there just build up the walls by adding two sticks to each wide then two to the top and bottom and so on.



After the first three rungs I split one stick in half and made a little platform for a bird to stand on. Then I jsut carried on adding more sticks until the walls were finished.

Once it’s dry I threaded some twine through the slats so we could hand up our birdfeeder. We’ve filled it with healthy goodies and are eagarly awaiting our first customers.