This Bostik Bloggers post is delayed for good reason – In the process of making this wreath I managed to give myself a second degree burn which has rather hampered my progress with the write up!

Moving swiftly on… today I’m showing you how to make a floral spring wreath. This pretty piece of decor is perfect for Easter and can brighten up your home well into the Summer. Don’t be phased by my tragic accident, just make sure to wear protective gloves when working with hot glue or ask a responsible adult to help!



The starting point for any wreath is the circular frame. You can buy convenient polystyrene or foam ones in most craft stores but I wasn’t too keen on the idea of a trip into town with a teething toddler. I made my ‘base’ using a piece of cardboard from a discarded Amazon box.

It was really nothing fancy – I have no measurements to share with you as I cut it out freehand. The next step will cover a multitude of sins – grab some wool and begin wrapping it around the ring in a haphazard fashion. I used three different colours; mint, lemon and white. You want the different colours to overlap and mix together to bulk up the wreath and give the felt flowers something to stick to.



The next stage is where things can get a bit messy. I¬†used a selection of felt to make three different kind of felt flower. It’s really quite simple but hard to put into words so I’ve made this short video to¬†illlustrate the technique.



Once you get to a point where you can’t look at another felt flower, call it quits. I decided to arrange mine in a bit of a cluster but you can spread them out more or make enough to cover the whole wreath. It’s really down to personal taste / patience.



As I was short on time I decided to use a hot glue gun to attach each flower to the wreath but, in future, I would use a strong cold glue to avoid losing the use of another digit.



I think the end result is pretty cool, I’m no Martha Stewart but this wreath is semi professional and looks swell in my kitchen. I’m going to move it up to Luisas room in a few weeks as I feel like the ordeal I went through means we need to treasure this wreath for a long time!



Thanks for reading, do let me know if you give this a go yourself. Please remember I can’t be held responsbile for any injuries!